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What do we mean by Well-Being?  Can Quantum Physics, in fact, optimize your Well-Being?
Tom Padikal is on Princeton TV as he discusses these -- and more.
"By well-being we often mean a state of being healthy, happy and prosperous.  As a minimum it describes our physical, emotional, spiritual and ontological state. There is usually a level of vagueness associated with it, which we often tend to overlook. This vagueness may be a direct result of the nature of the quantum world - the world of all possibilities - from where all aspects of life arise!"
Since who you are biologically originates in the quantum world, the genesis of creation and change begins as small perturbations. Such is the domain of in vivo Quantum Biology -- it spawns, nurtures and optimizes well-being and quality of life at the quantum level without side effects.
The quantum world is not without problems. That it is invisible, is a major handicap. That it is counter-intuitive is a major impediment. Navigating the quantum waters with our quantum body as raft, then, is like navigating in the dark in unfamiliar surroundings.

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