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Applied Physics Services

Extraordinary services to community. Since 1983. Supporting you with a CLINICAL SERVICE. Or meeting you in an EDUCATIONAL EVENT. Science is my preferred pathway to serve. Seeking to add discriminating hospitals and clinics to our circle of distinguished clients.

Center for Vitality

Inst. of Medical Imaging Tech.

The Knowledge Revolution is shaping the current century. IMIT is active in that future through programs in Quantum Biology, Molecular Imaging, MRI, CT, PET-CT, fMRI, Molecular Imaging, in vivo Quantum Biology, Genomics and Quantum Physics

Holographic Life Institute

Quantum Mechanics is stunningly successful. Not a single prediction of the theory has ever been wrong! More than half our economy is driven by products derived from it! Now it is poised to transform biology - and healthcare - in a big way. Our flagship education service.

Science and Life Conferences

The Conferences are sponsored by SCIENCE and LIFE, a 501(C)(3) US Corporation. The mission of Science and Life is to INSTIGATE a global movement to awaken and let lose the holographic and quantum nature of life. The Conferences aims to fulfill that goal.

ACR Accreditation Services

APPLIED PHYSICS SERVICES is equipped to expertly satisfy ACR accreditation standards. Every hospital, every imaging center, indeed every site is given utmost attention by our physicists. ACR Accreditation by APS has a proven track record of 100% since inception.

Guided Live Meditation Service

The benefits of meditation are documented in the literature. Guided Meditation has the additional advantage that you don't need to know how to. People report major benefits in reducing stress and anxiety, mood disorders, insomnia, hypertension and other maladies.

Claiming Your Quantum Life

The quantum world comes with a handicap: it is invisible. Even with precision instruments "seeing" comes to an end. In this live webinar we invoke interfaces and user experiences to awaken "holographic seeing" before returning to the ordinary world with increased awareness.

Quantum Biology Training

These in depth hands on sessions in Quantum Biology and Well-being are positively life altering. Whether you want to become a Quantum Biology Practitioner, or take responsibility for your own well-being, this training is for you.Your body will thank you! Only two trainees at a time. Sign up early!