Life is an extraordinary gift


Optimizing life, then, is a game worth playing.

Breaking from tradition, more and more individuals are taking the responsibility for well-being into their own hands. As this trend continues, the bulk of healthcare will evolve more into a form of learning endeavor with an engaging coach, rather than an impersonal brick and mortar hospital with imposing machinery or invasive pharmaceuticals ready to begin combat with a body that is perceived as running amok! 

In reality our bodies are more like a well-tuned assembly of elementary particles that is a hologram - a dancing mandala - not a hiding ground where enemies lurk to assault and ambush you! Even so, managing your well-being can feel unfamiliar and intimidating. Partnering with an engaging coach, with a proven track record, and unwavering dedication to your well-being, can prove beneficial. The field of integral health continues to attract in vivo quantum biology practitioners who are eager to partner with you gain mastery of your well-being. At CENTER for VITALITY we continue to serve discriminating clients, affiliates and clinics.


Devoted to unraveling nature's own bounty of wellness and vitality? You've probably noticed that everything in nature - animate and inanimate - is composed of finer pieces, parts so small that they are invisible to our naked eye. In fact so tiny that they don't even obey ordinary laws of physics, but follow quantum mechanics! It stands to reason that change may begin with just one electron! Now introduce superposition, coherence, resonance, entanglement and tunneling - and the drama unfolds into the pure magic of this holographic life. Being so counter-intuitive we have long resisted our quantum nature.

It is in this context that we start seeing the quantum particles with affection, awe and wonder -- beyond cold mathematical rigor and scientific objectivity. How masterfully they generate life from the jaws of entropy -- and delightfully dance us into existence -- is a narrative that is magical and stunning!

Who we are biologically is given by who we are at the quantum level. Consequently, the genesis of creation and changes begin as small perturbations in the quantum domain. This may explain how in vivo Quantum Biology spawns, nurtures and optimizes well-being and quality of life with no side effects.
The quantum world is not without problems, though.

That it is not visible is a major handicap. For us humans, to see something is to begin to understand it. The quantum world being invisible, we’re called upon to build alternate pathways to connect with it.

That it is counter-intuitive is a major impediment. Navigating the quantum waters with our quantum body as raft, then, is like navigating in the dark in unfamiliar surroundings. Even so, unlike conventional approaches, such as drugs, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy, quantum biology has no side effects. So the benefit-to-risk ratio is unprecedented and nearly infinite! Given such a striking scenario, at CENTER forVITALITY we are inspired to move forward and tap into in vivo Quantum Biology. Some of the outcomes (inexplicable through Newtonian Biology) can be understood only by invoking such concepts as electron tunneling, quantum entanglement, stimulated emission and associated processes in macromolecules that can lead to healing and optimum well-being. While not fully understood, Quantum Biology is moving forward causing a paradigm shift in well-being!


Restoration of wellness and return to wholeness requires your engagement. You may be the missing link in the current Medical Model. This may explain why we emphasize the word IN VIVO in what we do: In Vivo Quantum biology, naturally. No drugs. No knives. No chemo. No radiation. No side effects. Naturally!

At the CENTER for VITALITY we support you regain your wholeness - not by adding something on top of what nature has so elegantly created, but through holographic quantum biology that enables the electrons resume their magical alignment.

Unconditionally relinquishing your well-being into the hands of an expert may even shrink your soul. We are learning that handing over your power diminishes or desensitizes your feedback mechanisms and associated hormonal production  - processes that took billions of years of evolutionary intelligence to fully develop!

ALIGNMENT between energy centers affects our vitality and well-being. Quality of life has such humble beginnings in the quantum level -- a world that, in fact, is accessible!

User Experience and QB Bridge

We begin with a look at some of the impediments we face.
The quantum world being invisible, unfamiliar and counter-intuitive, our clients are not able to relate to it without some support. Giving an MRI image and CT image as evidence that they are made up of protons and electrons has no redeeming virtue either. This journey begins at a time when the client arrives for the first appointment - with expectations of restoring their well-being from an "expert," and without their involvement! For others building their own quantum prowess is so strange an idea that they often give up. To prevent disappointment, we recommend the client attend a workshop and get familiar with the essentials of in vivo quantum biology. At other times, we begin with a one-on-one familiarization process using a power point module and lean on such extrinsic tools as MRS (or Magnetic Resonance Stimulation) and PAQT (or Phonon Assisted Quantum Tunneling)
Fact is, electrons are so small that even "looking at them" make them bounce. To enter the quantum world, therefore, one must be gentle and tender with every step taken. It is not possible to "muscle your way" into the quantum world. The movie Horsewhisperer has scenes where Robert Redford tiptoes his way into the quantum world of the horse and that of the teen rider.
This is also true of a good Reiki  practitioner or a Cranio Sacral Therapy Practitioner. Physicians used to excel at this, but with increasing dependance on modern technology, accessing the quantum world via an inter-personal bridge has become nearly non-existent.
The quantum bridge is vital for In Vivo Quantum Biology, however. How we develop this QB Bridge at Center for Vitality arises from distinctions of quantum biology and quantum physics.

Quantum Biology Practitioners among us.

We are becoming more and more aware of our quantum heritage.  Evidence has recently emerged that plants use a form of quantum processing to direct solar energy through their photosynthetic network. Birds, insects and other animals appear to use entanglement to navigate across even continents without getting lost! There is mounting evidence that enzymes use quantum tunneling to step up chemical reactions. We and our canine cousins use tunneling to smell! Plants and animals have used quantum mechanical principles rather effectively for millions of years even as we were collecting evidence that such fragile quantum mechanical phenomena are possible only in ideal conditions near absolute zero. Quantum Mechanical Education is coming from such unexpected places as our plant brotheren and our avian cousins as they effortlessly perform feats that we thought were impossible!

Quantum Biology and Well-Being

Quantum Biology is increasingly being recognized as the scientific foundation of Wellness, Reiki, Acupuncture, Nursing, Energy Medicine, Ayurveda, Yoga, Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and beyond. Integration of the diverse modalities utilizing quantum biology as a tool is becoming more prevalent among various quantum biology practitioners.

"Quantum states are not objective features of the world, but expressions of our knowledge," observed Heisenberg. Recently, David Mermin clarified: "The probability of an event is not inherent in that event. Different agents with different beliefs... may assign different probabilities to the same event."

Given this context, not only is prospective randomized clinical trials attempting to attach fixed outcomes to something that isn't deterministic, but ignores further its underlying quantum nature -- tendency to be subjective, influenced by perspectives, reference frames and beliefs! Not inspired to perform blind clinical trials then, we are inquiring instead into the quantum mechanisms that may lead to optimization of quantum biological processes and systems! 

Fermi Dirac Statistics

The sigmoid curve is one of the most commonly occurring graphs in living systems. I encountered this frequently in oncology and radiation oncology as well. This graph shows an example of a family of sigmoid shaped curves.

They demonstrate the effects of pH and temperature on hemoglobin saturation. The graph at left shows that when pH declines below normal levels, the hemoglobin saturation drops. If the pH increases, less oxygen is released and the saturation goes up.

When the temperature rises, hemoglobin releases more oxygen, reducing the hemoglobin saturation. As the temperature declines, hemoglobin holds oxygen more tightly. For example, active skeletal muscles generate heat, and the heat warms blood that flows through these organs. As the blood warms, the Hb molecules release more oxygen than can be used by the active muscle fibers.  In quantum physics, Fermi–Dirac statistics applies to identical particles with half-odd-integer spin in a system in thermal equilibrium. Additionally, the particles in this system are assumed to have negligible mutual interaction. This allows the many-particle system to be described in terms of single-particle energy states. The result is the Fermi–Dirac distribution of particles over these states and includes the condition that no two particles can occupy the same state, which has a considerable effect on the properties of the system. It is most commonly applied to electrons, which are fermions with spin 1/2. Fermi–Dirac statistics is a part of the more general field of statistical mechanics and uses the principles of quantum mechanics. Fermi-Dirac distribution is frequently observed in biology

Coherence and Alignment. De-Coherence and Stress. Quantum Entanglement vs. Entropy