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in vivo Quantum Biology and Life

Seventy years ago Erwin Schrodinger attempted to unravel the mysteries of life using quantum mechanics in his famous book “What is Life?”

“How often do we still hear that quantum effects have little to no relevance in biology!” lamented Roger Penrose in 1991.
Fast forward to 2017. In this live Online Class Tom takes on some rather fundamental inquiries at a relatively brisk pace.
Are we truly endowed with quantum nature? If so, why do we resist it? What’s going on? Is that a sign of free will? What is consciousness? Who are we really?
After a thoughtful smile he says: “it took over 13.72 billion years of evolutionary intelligence for us to even begin to think such thoughts, and ask such questions!”
He then adds: “Studying well-being, as well as break-downs in well-being, through the eyes of quantum physics gives us valuable insights that can lead to optimization of our vitality and well-being”  
With a cautionary smile he says: “Revelation often topples the status-quo!”. In a careful tone of voice he adds: we may end up revising our existing "medical model". 

Come prepared to participate to maximize benefits experienced!