The FOUNDATION of this Online Summit is INQUIRY. Its SOURCE is the mighty confluence of SCIENCE AND SPIRITUALITY. Its CONTEXT is our own spectacular LINEAGE we bring to the table. We have distilled the immense scientific treasures, and the infinite - yet elusive - spirituality, to a handful of exercises that unlock your capacity to generate optimal health, functionality and well being. Outcomes improve with participation - not by a couple of percentage points, but benefits of a hundred percentage points is common. This Workshop is targeted to generate such outcomes and more, and you are invited to participate fully!

Two formats are commonly followed: seminar and workshop. The workshop is experiential - you will receive coaching to produce your own hormones, endorphins, enkephalins, and other biomolecules. As you playfully participate, you will learn the art of producing copious amounts of your own biomolecules that promote healing, well-being and vitality. The results can be miraculous, stunning and exhilarating. It is not uncommon to have a spectrum of experiences in a single workshop. Your own experience will be as unique and distinct as you are. After the workshop, most participants set aside time daily to practice this art.

Incidentally, the rumors you might have heard - that you did not come with an instruction manual - are not true! We may not be naturally fluent in this "foreign tongue". In this Online Summit, you'll learn how to "OPEN and READ" - and start reaping the rewards. Most participants continue the practice - and refine the art of deliberate biomolecular production - and elevate their well-being by signing up for the Online Summit indefinitely! As an example, the solid curve shows published results of the production of testasterone as a function of age. It declines steadily after 30. The dotted line is a hypothetical example if its production could be systematically stimulated, say from  age 55. Think about the benefits if we become adept at optimally generating not one, but a multitude of such bio-molecule at will? Read about the outcomes generated by hundreds of participants.

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Many participants continue the practice of deliberate bio-molecular production by signing up for the Online Summit indefinitely!