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Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Biology can be "counter intuitive" - even "weird." It is for this reason, physicists rely on mathematics - like pilots flying by instruments in poor visibility. But some folks are not familiar with mathematics. And most folks aren't instrument rated pilots. So this pictorial narrative may be used to supplement CHAMPIONING YOUR WELL-BEING. You are also invited to join us on a BOOK CALL (free)

A light switch with a light bulb is a simple device. It is found in one of two states. ON or OFF. The yellow graph on the right is the "response" curve for this system - the brightness rises quickly from zero to one when the switched is turned ON. Two switches in the same circuit gives additional possibilities (or "states"): ON-ON, ON-OFF, OFF-ON and OFF-OFF
We're more than a simple device like a switch! The MRI diffusion spectrum image of our brain at left shows over 100 billion neurons and some 1000 trillion connections organized into a complex network of local circuits and long-range fiber pathways.  The threadlike structures are nerve bundles, each containing thousands of nerve fibers. With more than 1000 trillion synaptic switches in your brain it is easily the most complex switch yard. The possible number of "states" and the magnitude of information processing with that many switches is mind-boggling!  (MR Diffusion Image courtesy of Human Connectome Project,  Neuro-Imaging Laboratory, UCLA)
When a little girl comes across a flower (visual stimulus) her excitement can grow rapidly. After reaching a peak, the response has a tendency to decline. Data collected under controlled conditions demonstrate that the rise time is short, measured in micro-seconds, while the duration may last many seconds. As per quantum mechanics, the stimulus H (Hamiltonian) operating on the initial state of the SCQD causes it to evolve into its final state. In this example the final state is "elation" or "euphoria" with heightened well-being and alignment. This is feedback at work!
So the final state arises from the stimulus acting on the initial state of the SCQD. The strength of the interaction makes a huge difference - they may interact strongly, weakly or not at all.  The "family of curves" shows the evolution from initial to final state in a variety of situations. When the SCQD is open and receptive, its response is rapid, shown by the dashed black line - it resembles the single switch in fig.1.  When a SCQD is closed off to stimulus, however, its response is flat, shown by the horizontal dashed red line - the stimulus has no impact! The light blue line has no urgency, but the dark blue line does! Similar curves arise in life situations.
In nuclear and particle physics, the concept of a cross section is used to express the likelihood of interaction between particles. Interaction usually has three distinct states: initial, intermediate and final. The intermediate state in this case is rich in quantum biology. The final state is typically "an eigen state." In this case the subject is left elated and happy. 
So a high cross section gives rise to a high likelihood of interaction. The Placebo effect has its origins in Quantum Biology. A more appropriate term may be Holographic Cross-section or QBC for quantum biology cross-section.  

This may or may not seem obvious. But its ongoing implementation as they arise in life can mean the difference between a life that is tweaked for optimum and another that is not. Since quantum processes are counter-intuitive it may take practice and a bit risk-taking, like learning to fly on instruments.

Ultimately then well-being requires you become an authentic partner in the cosmic dance. We see this embodied in the mythic symbolisms of the ancient sages, especially the Hindus.  Quantum Biology has been around for a very long time!

Whereas in the grand scale of cosmology human life may seem "farcically trivial," the same cosmic grandeur also makes life so amazingly precious. It is in this context we take on the game of cherishing and optimizing life. Stated differently, there is no loftier game to play for us to play, than the game of optimizing life!

As I pay attention to my daily life, I notice how I unconsciously harness cosmology, quantum physics, gravitation, strong nuclear forces, weak nuclear forces and electromagnetic forces - with astonishing heroism and precision!

Unconsciously living a conscious life then, is a hero's journey!"
Tom Padikal, Ph.D.
Founder, Center for Vitality