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This Blog highlights key developments in Quantum Physics, Holographic Life and Quantum Biology as they relate to raising the Quality of Your Life - Tom Padikal

Dr. Padikal interviewed on Princeton Community Television

ABOUT THIS INTERVIEW:  We, and everything else around us, are ultimately made up of elementary particles such as electrons. Their individual and collective behavior, therefore, has a say in our conduct.

  • Can change, then, begin with electrons, resulting in a kind of quantum "domino" effect?
  • If we recognize ourselves as SCQDs (Self-contained Complete Quantum Device) -- that our true nature begins in the quantum world -- could this awareness lead to our ultimate empowerment?

Quantum Biology Conference, University of Surrey, UK

Dr. Thomas Padikal at the Quantum Biology Conference at University of Surrey in Surrey, England (turqoise jacket, front row)
The workshop sponsored by the Institute of Advanced Studies, BBSRC (Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council) and MILES (Models and Mathematics in Life and Social Sciences) proved to be a great success and was attended by some of the leading researchers in this exciting new interdisciplinary field from across the world.
September 17-18, 2012

Dr. Padikal to address the Taijiquan (Tai Chi) Festival . 2016 . Burlington

Tai Chi Festival, Sunday, June 5, 1-5 pm at Lyceum Hall, 432 High St., Burlington, NJ

Dr. Thomas Padikal will give the Keynote Address at the Tajiquan Festival in Burlington.

The topic of his presentation is: QUANTUM BIOLOGY, CONSCIOUSNESS and LIFE: Creating a Stress Free, Optimum Life. 

Science in Business Leadership Conference, Kutztown University

Dr. Padikal at Kutztown University, PA. Making a point. About the synapses. While leading a discussion on Quantum Biology in vivo and Neuroscience at the SCIENCE in BUSINESS LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE.
Held in conjunction with the SCIENCE OLYMPIAD, where junior and senior high school students compete in scientific academic endeavors. Students from overseas competed as well.
March 20, 2013
Reference is being made to the Human Connectome Project that has produced some extraordinary MR Diffusion images of our brain.
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International Conference on Quantum Biology, Philadelphia and Sweden